“World’s first fully interoperable and non-invasive blockchain platform.” Our aim is to bring hundreds of millions of people onto blockchain, starting with our local market like Vietnam and SouthEast Asia. Our approach is to partner with existing service providers (enterprises and governments), help them transform their centralised products/services. This approach allows us to expedite the blockchain mass adoption process in an efficient manner, reducing the need for educating the market, as well as providing more usability as more and more service providers are joining the KardiaChain ecosystem.
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Sustainable Scalability

Faster confirmation times, lower costs and more security achieved by utilizing double layer BFT DPoS and the groundbreaking KardiaChain ESWIM technology that ensures high efficiency optimization for transaction routing between participating blockchains.


Non-invasive Interoperability

KardiaChain completely removes barriers for cross-blockchain data, asset and token transfer in a non-invasive manner by being able to connect all blockchains regardless of their protocol or their type (public/private), eliminating the need for participating blockchains to conform to a single standardized protocol.


Mass Adoptability

KardiaChain is currently the only blockchain platform project that allows for a seamless cross-chain interaction between private and public blockchain solutions. Opening up a new horizon of opportunities for legitimate blockchain mass adoption.


Dual Nodes

Dual Master Nodes have access to the ledger data of two chains simultaneously (KardiaChain and another blockchain of choice) to receive transactions between external chains and KardiaChain ledgers without compromising anything from both chains.


Elastic Sharding With Incentive Mechanism (ESWIM)

Maximum transactional efficiency is ensured by utilizing ESWIM – an algorithmic approach in transaction routing in order to optimize costs and speed. The most suitable network in terms of performance is constantly scanned for and subsequently elected to process the transaction, ensuring that best performance will be achieved at the time of transaction submission.


KardiaChain Smart Contract Markup Language (KSML)

The ultimate tool for developers to efficiently deploy cross-chain smart contracts on KardiaChain without requiring significant learning curves or any prior experience.



ON Sports is a subsidiary of the largest national TV channel in Vietnam (VTVCab Sport) – they chose us as the blockchain platform for the current user base of 200,000 people to offer new features such as livestream token donations for football players and prediction games on blockchain for millions of football fans in Vietnam.



We started the integration process with the largest telco in Vietnam. First rollout will be in Myanmar as the first market before rolling out in 10 other countries, including Vietnam. When the infra performance is stable, it will be commercialised in Vietnam as our largest market with over 60m subscribers, who will be able to purchase KAI tokens using their mobile balance.



We are collaborating with one of the largest cities in Vietnam to develop blockchain solution to store medical records, student profiles, and job postings. Smart citizens will enjoy the benefits of cheaper, safer and faster services while in total control of their data.

Q1/2018 – Q1/2019 PROTOTYPE & DEMO

Prototype & Demo Core component prototype Feature demo: Cross-chain asset transfer SDK for Smart Contract Development for supported use cases


KardiaChain Public Testnet 1.0 & 2.0


First Dapp launched on KardiaChain Platform (On Sports) BFT dPoS Consensus


Synchronize with VTVcabs traditional marketing campaign for On Sports reaching millions of general users. Full Dual Node. KardiaChain Mainnet 0.1. Youth Union Incentive DApp Pilot. Esports Incentive Platform Initiation.


Kardia Master Wallet. Youth Union Incentive Dapp Roll-out in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City.


Mobile Payment Channel rolls out in Vietnam. Esports Incentive Product Launch. KardiaChain Mainnet 1.0.