The importance of non-invasive interoperability for blockchain mass adoption and industry evolution

KardiaChain pushes the current boundaries by solving one of the most pressing issues currently facing blockchain technology — fragmentation of the blockchain ecosystem.

KardiaChain is capable of interconnecting all types of blockchains by facilitating “non-invasive” interoperability, which means that different blockchain networks, regardless of their protocols, are able to connect to KardiaChain without needing any technical alterations or reconstructions. This allows blockchains to fully preserve their sovereignty while significantly reducing time and costs for a blockchain to become capable of cross-chain communication.

With the currently fragmented blockchain ecosystem, solutions for interoperability are being offered by public blockchains such as Cosmos or Polkadot. However, what makes these projects “invasive” is the fact that connecting blockchains are required to adhere to a set of predefined rules in order to join the interoperable network and communicate with other blockchains.

There is a general consensus in the blockchain space that blockchain interoperability is crucial for mass adoption and industry evolution. A very insightful article recently published by Cointelegraph explores the importance of interoperability. Please read this article to gain a better understanding on how KardiaChain’s innovations are pushing the blockchain technology to the next level.

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