KardiaChain‘s first public testnet “Archi” is officially live today on 24th July 2019!

Dear community members,

My name is Eric Hung Nguyen and I am the Chairman and Co-founder of KardiaChain. Words cannot describe how excited we are at KardiaChain for achieving this key milestone in our roadmap — our first testnet codenamed “Archi” is currently live with a peak TPS of 3,016 along with Ethereum, Tron, Neo interoperability capabilities. You are more than welcome to come and test out our Wallet and Explorer and claim some exciting bounty rewards, or if you just want to take a tour, visit: https://explorer.kardiachain.io/

KardiaChain’s vision is to create equal opportunities for all people of all social classes to work, invest or start businesses through blockchain mass adoption. Many top blockchain projects still struggle to find real-world use cases for their product — KardiaChain, with several high-impact real-world use cases in production and only at a first public testnet, we are steadily headed towards reaching our vision. In fact, KardiaChain is currently under overwhelming DApp solutions development demands from our partners, clients and general users. KardiaChain is spearheading the race towards mass adoption by having several existing diverse and large-scale use cases. We have developed and are currently developing blockchain solutions for large enterprises, public sector as well as retail end users. KardiaChain has been established since January 2018, our team has been able to overcome myriad of issues and difficulties — from the crypto market crash to technical challenges, we still stand strong, we still deliver and we will continue to deliver until we accomplish our vision, mission and goals that have been set forward, and even then we will strive to achieve even more challenging goals because there are no limits to our ambitions.

Our team of highly skilled individuals and dedicated developers have been working round the clock to tackle the hardest technical challenges that blockchain technology faces today, to bring you the first public testnet “Archi” — a small taste of what’s to come in the future. This testnet is a very important first step, we will be able to use the feedback from our testers to continuously improve our network so we will be able to bring you a polished version of the KardiaChain mainnet with complete features later this year.

KardiaChain will allow for large scale deployment of DApps — digital assets, data and token transfer will be seamless thanks to our unique “Dual Master Node” technology, which allows KardiaChain to connect all types of blockchains in a non-invasive manner, unlike other interoperable blockchains projects, any blockchain that connects to KardiaChain does not need to conform to single standardised protocol. In fact, our developers don’t even need to talk to developers from other blockchains to establish a cross-blockchain connection.

KardiaChain has endured countless difficulties despite an uncertain future. We are still here because this milestone is only a first step in our journey towards achieving our vision — which goes beyond technology, business or anything else. We truly strive to create equal opportunities for all people to work, invest and start businesses, we chose blockchain technology as a tool to help us achieve this vision.

Join KardiaChain on our journey towards equality, become a part of the new generation of disruptors who innovate and use technology to generate real impact that matters.

Yours Sincerely,

KardiaChain Foundation

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