KardiaChain’s Archi 2.0 Testnet is live, along with a major blockchain use case

We have launched our first testnet “Archi” on July 24th 2019, and have restlessly worked on improving our testnet by adding numerous brand new features. Archi Testnet 2.0, will surely exceed your expectations and surpass Archi 1.0 Testnet.

Users can experience the new testnet features along with a new advanced blockchain use case: Prediction games on blockchain. Vietfootball, the biggest semi-pro football community in Vietnam, has cooperated with KardiaChain on a prediction platform on blockchain. Currently, users can cast their prediction for the best goal and best player in the regional semi-pro football tournament HPL which is organised by Vietfootball.

Not only receiving support from Vietfootball, HPL is being broadcasted on ON Sports — the most used sports content platform in Vietnam. On Sports with a huge community of more than 650,000 members on Facebook fanpage has contributed significantly to the number of users participating in the prediction games. After total 11 rounds of HPL tournament, there are more than 3000 users who have cast their prediction on KardiaChain testnet.

(Available on

1/ App On Sports Android

2/ Vietfootball.vn

3/ Onsports.kardiachain.io)

Archi Testnet 2.0 Improvements

Archi Testnet 2.0 is a culmination of many technical, UI and UX improvements that our team has completed along with feedback and bug reports from our beloved community, who paid attention and contributed to the development. This testnet is a stepping stone for us to get ready for our mainnet release.

Archi 2.0 Technical Improvement Reports

Network Optimization

Archi 2.0 handles Tx Pool in a more efficient manner, allowing for faster processing. The implementation of consensus has also been improved, significantly reducing handshake time and confirmation time between validators.

Archi 2.0 Testnet Development Update

  1. Slow Transaction Histroy loading (15–40s): Instant Transaction loading
  2. Slow Transaction Hash searching: Instant Transaction Hash search
  3. Faucet tokens received with delay: Instant faucet token reception
  4. Single address transaction history unsearchable: Single address transaction history fully available
  5. Getting “underpriced” error when using faucet: Bug fixed
  6. UX & UI Improvements: The UI has been updated as well as several UX improvements to boost user-friendliness.
  7. Updated Gas Table for KAI Token Economics: The gas table has been updated to reflect the current stage of KAI token economics.

Smart Contract Deployment & Interaction

Users are now able to deploy smart contracts on the testnet, enabled by Kardia Virtual Machine (KVM). The KVM is one of the main purposes of releasing the KVM on Archi 2.0 is to prepare for the release of Kardia Smart Contract Markup Language (KSML).

KSML is one of KardiaChain’s unique and innovative technologies. KSML is designed to be the ultimate tool for developers to develop and deploy multi-chain smart contracts without requiring significant learning curves or any prior experience. Developers will only need to write a smart contract once, which is then automatically translated to bytecode and then to other smart contract languages (Solidity, Java, C++).


Archi Tesnet 2.0 is the second release of our testnet with several new technical features, numerous improvements and bug fixes, already with a strong real world use case. Users will be able to test and interact with smart contracts on our testnet through various activities in our campaign such as prediction games, KAI token transactions and smart contract deployment (video tutorial included):

We strive to continuously develop stronger bonds with top enterprises and government bodies, and simultaneously improve and innovate our technology and strategy keeping blockchain mass adoption as the first priority.


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