KardiaChain and Contentos signed the strategic partnership agreement live at the 2019 East Asia Blockchain Summit: Road to Mass Adoption.

Dear KardiaChain community,

We are ecstatic to announce that KardiaChain and Contentos have signed a strategic partnership live on stage at the 2019 East Asia Blockchain Summit: Road to Mass Adoption, witnessed by highly regarded guests and partners including government officials, business leaders, executives from well-known blockchain projects and all of the audience in a packed conference room in Ho Chi Minh city.

KardiaChain CEO Tri Pham and Contentos Co-founder signed live at 2019 East Asia Blockchain Summit: Road to Mass Adoption 15/6/2019

Contentos is a public blockchain project that aims to reinvent the global content value ecosystem. To give power and value back to independent creators and their fans. Contentos has a strong partnership with three major social media platforms — PhotoGrid, LiveMe, Cheez, which accounts for 60M MAU. Being a portfolio invested by Binance Labs, Contentos also partnered with Binance Chain and just recently got listed on Binance DEX.

This partnership will set KardiaChain’s pace to explore a huge network of content creators and users globally. By exploring the integration of Contentos onto KardiaChain ecosystem, KardiaChain can enable Contentos to leverage on KardiaChain non-invasive interoperability to connect seamlessly with more public blockchain for an enlarged network of content community. Both parties are working together to explore the integration of KardiaChain Tokens into Contentos Token Swap feature. This can be followed by Technology research & potential API integration, Use cases development and Referrals and recommendations of potential technology partners, and potential B2B partners

Co-founder of Contentos and CEO of Kardiachain has formally declared the newly formed strategic partnership live on stage of the 2019 East Asia Blockchain Summit.

According to Mr. Tri Pham, CEO of KardiaChain: “For this strategic partnership between KardiaChain and Contentos, we’re really excited to have Contentos to bring more users in Vietnam onto the Contentos platform and also offer the technology of KardiaChain to help build Contentos better platform”.

Co-founder of Contentos Mr. Mick Tsai stated: “First of course it’s our pleasure to work with KardiaChain, and I believe moving forward we will create a strong strategy and great result to bring millions of users into the world’s blockchain.”

KardiaChain Chairman Eric Hung Nguyen & Tech lead Thien Nguyen with Contentos Team at Consensus New York 2019

Both KardiaChain and Contentos are at a peak time to move forward. Both parties are looking forward to sharing more outcomes of the partnership in technology enhancement, business development and marketing in the respective country of strength.

Please stay tuned for further updates from the team!