KardiaChain and CertiK are forming a Strategic Partnership

Dear community members,

We are proud to announce that KardiaChain and CertiK have agreed to form a strategic partnership in order to fortify each’s strengths in technology especially cybersecurity and business development.

Joint strategies

Both parties will work together to identify synergies between Kardiachain.io and CertiK, primarily to jointly fund initiatives aiming to create innovative solutions for KardiaChain, Certik and both parties’ partners companies.

KardiaChain and Certik will be working closely to ensure the best level of security for KardiaChain ecosystem. DApps running on KardiaChain can be certified much quicker by submitting their source code and smart contract directly to CertiK. CertiK’s audit report is the only one that is accepted across multiple major exchanges (eg. Binance, Huobi, Bittrex, OKex, Kucoin, CPDAX) and trusted by market leaders (eg. NEO, Ontology,…)

Market integration

KardiaChain and Certik will have joint international and local market integration where both parties support each other in business networks, marketing and communities especially in Vietnam, Korea, China and the US. As CertiK is rapidly growing in Asia and the US, and KardiaChain has a solid presence across Asia, especially Vietnam and Korea; we will aid each other in anyway possible by pooling resources from our network to further our goals. This will allow KardiaChain to expand into US markets as well.

Research and Development

Both parties will work together to identify impact arising from both parties’ collaboration with universities and research centers. We will use our research to facilitate innovative solutions applying blockchain technology to make real use cases.

About CertiK

CertiK is a blockchain and smart contract verification platform founded by top formal verification experts from Yale and Columbia University. Incubated by Binance Labs, Certik has strategic partnerships with the world’s top crypto exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, and Huobi, as well as Public Chains such as Terra, Neo, and Icon. Different from the traditional testing approaches, CertiK’s formal verification method mathematically proves blockchain ecosystem and smart contracts are hacker-resistant and bug-free. CertiK’s key features include a layer-based decomposition approach, pluggable proof engine, machine-checkable proof objects, certified dApp libraries, and smart labeling.

To request the audit/verification of your smart contracts/ mainnet, please email daeun.lee@certik.org.

About KardiaChain

KardiaChain is the blockchain of blockchains. It is a scalable and interoperable blockchain platform for decentralised applications. KardiaChain offers a non-invasive connection between any public and private blockchain, allows the transfer of both assets and data between blockchains and applications on top of them. It provides the infrastructure to leverage the collective strength of participating blockchains including high processing power, fast confirmation time, low transaction fee, … laying the foundation for blockchain mass adoption.

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