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KardiaChain official token address

Dear Kardians The only official KAI smart contract address is 0xBD6467a31899590474cE1e84F70594c53D628e46 We are happy to announce that #Kardiachain token officially listed on both CoinMarketCap and Coingecko after their reviewing & checking progress. Kardiachain Token on Coingecko: Kardiachain Token on Coinmarketcap: Kardiachain Token on Cryptorank: Now you can check Kardiachain token information and active […] Read more

The importance of non-invasive interoperability for blockchain mass adoption and industry evolution

KardiaChain pushes the current boundaries by solving one of the most pressing issues currently facing blockchain technology — fragmentation of the blockchain ecosystem. KardiaChain is capable of interconnecting all types of blockchains by facilitating “non-invasive” interoperability, which means that different blockchain networks, regardless of their protocols, are able to connect to KardiaChain without needing any […] Read more

KardiaChain and CertiK are forming a Strategic Partnership

Dear community members, We are proud to announce that KardiaChain and CertiK have agreed to form a strategic partnership in order to fortify each’s strengths in technology especially cybersecurity and business development. Joint strategies Both parties will work together to identify synergies between and CertiK, primarily to jointly fund initiatives aiming to create innovative […] Read more

Different Approaches to Interoperability

In the previous article, we mentioned blockchain interoperability and how it helps people reach a trustless agreement at ease in many aspect of daily situations. In this article, we will further discuss current interoperability approaches to give audience a high-level understanding of what these projects try to achieve before moving on to KardiaChain architectural design. […] Read more