“We believe blockchain should be accessible for everyone”

KAI Membership


KAI membership is our flagship application pushing the frontier of mass adoption. A super app for the general public to earn, store, spend, and invest KAI, focusing on user experience and utilities.

+ Gamification: Play and earn, NFT (collectibles), Social mining.

+ Utilities: Mobile top-up, E-vouchers, Mai Linh cards.

+ Wallet: Fiat Gateway, DiD, bank integration, eKYC

+ Wealth managements: KAIstarter (invest in traditional businesses), DeFi features like token collateral, lending, and credit line.


KAIstarter platform



KAIstarter is a DeFi platform to provide flexible earnings for KAI holders via traditional business investments.
KAIstarter utilises KAI tokens to govern all activities such as proposing an investment, voting for approval and
claiming interest. Hence, the platform creates a new flow of money into the crypto world. First of all, there is
revenue from traditional business shared to crypto holders. Secondly, it also provides a new investment channel for
the non-crypto population. People can now buy KAI and earn passive income from business practices they are familiar

Youth Union Incentive App


The mobile app aims to improve and tokenise volunteering tasks for the Union members. It also helps the Union digitising, managing membership data, and personal IDs. First phase creates a new playground for more than 60,000 young people in District 5 of Ho Chi Minh city. They can play games, finish tasks and do tests or quiz to earn KAI from the Union.


DEX Cross-chain Decentralised Exchange Prototype



KardiaChain has delivered an industry first DeFi application that enables cross-chain, asset exchange regardless of protocol and without any requirement or custodial entities to wrap, mint or burn tokens. Fully decentralized cross-chain exchange has embarked on the DeFi industry, run by Ankr’s proprietary infrastructure. The DEX was developed to showcase our unique Dual Node technology that enables “non-invasive” interoperability, which is currently connected to ETH, NEO and TRX public blockchains.


“We invent non-invasive crosschain tech to create hybrid blockchain solutions.”

White Paper >      Fengari Testnet 3.0 >      Github >

World’s first fully interoperable and non-invasive blockchain platform. Our own invention, called Dual Node, allows us to expedite the blockchain mass adoption process in an efficient manner, reducing the need for educating the market.

We are providing more usability and blockchain features for more and more service providers that are joining the KardiaChain ecosystem.

Dual Master Nodes
(Dual Nodes)

Dual Nodes have simultaneous access to the ledger data of KardiaChain and another blockchain of choice. Together with a consensus run among them, they can carry any data between blockchains while preserving the cryptographic proof.

Elastic Sharding With
Incentive Mechanism (ESWIM)

ESWIM ensures the optimal network performance and security. It maintains an appropriate number of nodes and staking power in Dual groups and the main network using adjusting block reward distribution and TX fee commission.

Smart Contract
Markup Language (KSML)

KSML is the ultimate tool for developers to efficiently deploy cross-chain smart contracts on KardiaChain without a significant learning curve or any prior experience. KSML aims to break the language barrier between different smart contract platforms.

Our Partners

“We work with major service providers to blockchainise conventional business models”


We are the dreamers, doers, and disrupters who wish to push the world toward a better future

Road Map


Mainnet 1.0

KAI Membership with Gamification and eVoucher

KAIstarter pipeline announce

Mainnet 1.x with token swap bridge

DeFi wealth management in KAI Membership

KAI eSports Platform official

Mainnet 2.0

Mobile banking integration in KAI Membership

KAI DEX and NFT support launch

Mainnet 2.x with KSML 1.0

DID integration in KAI Membership

PoKAImon NFT launch

KardiaChain in the Press