First ADapp: ON Sports tokenization with KAI

ON Sports is a top sports content platform in Vietnam. As a subsidiary of the largest National TV (VTVCab), ON Sports boasts a user base of 200,000+ registered users and 800,000 ON Sports fans.

ON Sports users use KAI tokens to:

  • Play prediction games
  • Donate KAI tokens to their favorite players
  • Earn KAI tokens through various in-app tasks
  • Win exciting rewards such as football merchandise

KAI coming to new mobile payment channel

KardiaChain asserts its position as the market leader by taking on a proactive role by not only developing blockchain technology, but also by making blockchain more accessible to the mainstream population through innovative means such as our new payment gateway:

  • Enable over 60,000,000 subscribers in Vietnam to acquire KAI tokens
  • Mobile phone balanced used for acquiring KAI tokens
  • Perfect payment solution in Vietnam, due to low credit/debit card penetration

Exceptional business acumen, uniquely positioned to bring blockchain to the masses

KardiaChain is a public blockchain focused on Interoperability, leading the race towards blockchain adoption in Vietnam by providing hybrid blockchain solution/infrastructure for major enterprises and government bodies. The goal is to build a complete blockchain ecosystem for institutions by leveraging 3 main components: gateway, infrastructure, and services

Gateway reduces entry barriers to onboard non-crypto users onto blockchain via user-friendly payment channels.

Infrastructure refers to the interlinked public and private KardiaChain blockchain network for users and businesses to operate, leveraging our unique non-invasive interoperability.

Services refer to traditional organisations that collaborate with KardiaChain to tokenize and decentralize their existing services/products to become more effective and efficient.